5 Ways To Style a Cardigan

On days when the colder weather sneaks up, reach for a cardigan! Cardigans are always in style and make for the perfect layering piece. Whether it’s cashmere, cotton, formal, or casual, nothing can compare to the comfort this piece of clothing provides. To style a cardigan, all you need is a little imagination. Take a style cue from the following five ideas:


Pair With Classic Jeans and a Tee

Cardigans are as trusted as your classic blue jeans and a white tee shirt. When in doubt, this cardigan style is always a good idea!

You can wear a hooded or long cardigan over a shirt of any color and jeans of any style. Let the lapels fall over the tee shirt for a relaxed and comfortable look. Cropped cardigans also go great with high-waist jeans! Complete the look with sneakers or booties.


Buttoned Up and Over a Mini Skirt

Try wearing a cardigan buttoned-up over a mini skirt for a classically cute style. You can choose bold colors to make a statement or go for complimentary colors for a put-together look. Cardigans over mini skirts are the perfect style for a day at school or a casual day out. Style this look this fall with Mary Janes, ballet flats, or sneakers.


Unbuttoned and Over a Skirt

Long cardigans look great over skirts and dresses. Wear a cardigan over a plain shirt and flowy skirt for a classic style. The style is perfect for any occasion out, and you can switch up your shoes to dress up or down.


Layer a One-Piece Outfit

One-piece outfits are great for lazy days or when you want a put-together style with minimal effort. And the best part is that you can style a cardigan over a one-piece outfit for added warmth! Whether you’re going for a jumpsuit, overalls, or a dress, layering a cardigan over a one-piece is always a good idea. A cardigan can add more style to a simple one-piece. The style also looks great with sneakers or flats.


Wear as a Matching Set

Not all cardigans have to be style staples! You can also find them in matching sets with shorts, skirts, and pants. To style a cardigan as a matching set, you only need to find the right print and style.

Matching sets are great for when you want a put-together style without having to overthink it. They’re also perfect for casual days or when you don’t have time to style a different top and bottom. Just add your favorite shoes and accessories to style a matching set, and you’re good to go!

It’s Cardigan Season

Cardigans are a wardrobe staple. They're stylish, versatile, comfortable and necessity for the upcoming cold months. With a Hayden Girls cardigan, tweens always feel confident, comfortable, and stylish. Which style inspo are you going for? Find the perfect cardigan at Hayden Girls and add to your cart now!

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