Celebrating Female Influences with Tween Girls

A Celebration of Every Tween Girl and the Woman She Will Become

Our Mommy and Me collections are designed for us Moms and our tweens to dress in matching outfits, but we wanted to go one step further this year. We created a brand of young tweens discovering their fashion sense and celebrating women as role models through our clothing choices. We create designs with female empowerment in mind and an emphasis on showing that moms can still look stylish no matter their age.

Sport our Mommy and Me collection with not only moms, but with grandmothers, sisters, best friends, or any of your tween's role models.

Our company was created as a celebration of every tween girl and the woman she will become. We want to recognize the female influences tweens have that shape them into who they want to be. Our Mommy and Me apparel line is dedicated to not only mothers but all females. We're never too old or young when it comes down to influencing what kind of person our daughter becomes.

Ditsy Floral Print Dress

Between the puffy sleeves, ditsy floral print, and side pockets you have the perfect dress for girls and women of all ages. the design and hemline of the dress make it transcend in age and size. Not to mention, the floral print and ivory tone make it a perfect all year round dress! it can be worn through summer, spring, fall and even winter!

Love Flocked T-Shirt

Looking for more of a casual way of matching? This classic tee is perfect for that! comfortable and cute with printed graphic of love letters. It's the perfect go-to for pairing with denim and slip-on on cooler days. The best part of this matching piece is it is versatile to the t! Each individual can style this piece to their individual fashion taste while still matching each other! 

Floral Print Peasant Top

The floral print is on trend with fall fashion, and wait until we see how comfortable it is! The top has a floral pattern and elastic cuffs, so we can wear it whether it's a trip to the beach or our tweens playing with their friends. Sport our mommy and me floral-print peasant top with your sister, friend, grandparent, parent, and daughter! 

Ruffle Shoulder Long Sleeve Top

The earthy brown shade paired with the wavy hemline makes this ruffle shirt just perfect for any age female. It's adorned with delicate frills along the shoulders and sleeves add a youth detail to freshen the look. 

Paisly Patchwork Smock Dress

This Paisly Patchwork Smock Dress is just the thing for any autumn activity. Sport matching outfits to apple picking, the pumpkin patch, or even thanksgiving dinner! Pair with sandals and a straw hat for an instant look that is timeless yet oh-so-trendy look. 

Self-expression Through Fashion

The Mommy and Me collection is a way for not only mommies and our little ones to dress up in matching outfits but for any tween and their female influence! 

Hayden Girls exists to inspire self-confidence and celebrate our female influences. Hayden Girls helps every tween girl live her most confident, fun, and inspired life. 

See something you and your tween like? Check out our Hayden Girls Mommy and Me collection for the perfect matching outfit to be fashionable during every season.

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