Hayden Girls Style Guide: Rompers and Jumpsuits

Our jumpsuits and rompers are the perfect fashionable, comfortable outfit for your trendy tweens. Boost the self-confidence of your darling daughter by highlighting her own unique beauty. 

Hayden Girls rompers and jumpers come in an impressive variety of styles so you can definitely find something that will suit her personal fashion sense.  All our jumpsuits and rompers are made from high-quality fabric so your tween can wear them comfortably all day long. Some of our rompers feature pants, while others have built-in shorts. Some of our jumpsuits showcase long sleeves, while others have short sleeves and tank sleeves. Have your tween choose from these gorgeous jumpsuits and rompers from Hayden Girls to add into her wardrobe.

Top 5 Selection of Hayden Girls Jumpsuits and Rompers


1. Textured Knit Jumpsuit


This Textured Knit Jumpsuit is a cute jumper created from soft textured stretch fabric. It combines an airy sleeveless top and snug pants for a breezy yet cozy feel. The outfit showcases a decorative drawstring waistline that adjusts to your child’s body shape. Its button-up closure makes it convenient to put on as well. 

The jumper’s neutral dove gray color makes it possible for your tween to pair it with a wide array of accessories. Your tween can pair this jumpsuit with colorful necklaces or dangling earrings. She can also match it with sneakers or sandals to complete her look.

2. Marbled Ruffle Romper


The Marbled Ruffle Romper is a dainty romper that is made from light woven fabric. Its mauve color and delicate ruffle sleeves add a feminine touch to your daughter’s OOTD. This ‘fit has built-in shorts to give your child the freedom to move with ease throughout the day. Between the pink marble print and elastic waist, this romper is the perfect definition of cute and comfortable! 

3. Dotted Romper


Our Dotted Romper is a girly outfit that gives off a sweet and simple vibe. Its delicate semi-sheer dotted design is the perfect print for dressing up or down the outfit. This cream-colored attire showcases a lovely top with a V-neckline and short butterfly sleeves. It also features breezy shorts with ruffled edges.

4. Mineral Washed Jumper


This Mineral Washed Jumper is the ideal outfit for your tween on colder days because of the long sleeve and built-in pants. The sturdy tencel fabric, along with its long sleeves and pants, makes it a durable active attire for your daughter. Its tailored design and classic charcoal gray shade will keep her stylish at the same time. This mineral washed jumpsuit has chest and side pockets which makes it even more activity-approved. 

5. Wide-Leg Corduroy Overall


Our Wide-Leg Corduroy Overall is a warm, cozy outfit with a casual appeal. Your daughter will feel stylish in this ribbed corduroy jumpsuit with a wide-leg fit. The camel brown or olive green color choices give a vibrant touch to this overall. The adjustable shoulder straps and front button closure make it convenient to put on as well. To top things off, there are front and back square pockets of this overall! 

With the Wide-Leg Corduroy Overall, your tween can style it however it best suits their personality and fashion taste! Plain white long sleeve underneath? Brown floral top? Striped turtle neck long sleeve? Whatever it is, your tween will be able to make the perfect ootd with these overalls.

Highlight Your Tween’s Unique Beauty With Hayden Girls Jumpsuits and Rompers

Hayden Girls celebrates the one-of-a-kind charm of your tween. Your adorable daughter and her peers are our inspiration for designing our fashionable outfits. We want glowing girls like her to face life confidently and cheerfully. That’s why we created the Hayden Girls jumpsuit and romper collection. Our jumper collection showcases easy outfits of the highest quality and trendy styles that your tween deserves. 

Visit our Hayden Girls website to start shopping for cute, comfortable rompers and jumpsuits for your sweetheart.

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