How To Help Your Tween Express Herself Through Fashion

Tween girls are at an age when they’re exploring creative self-expression through different avenues. This is the time they’re likely to discover new interests, especially when it comes to music, art, and fashion!

For many tween girls, fashion can go beyond just picking out what they want to wear — it’s a way they can feel confident and comfortable in how they look. As parents, we naturally want to encourage tween confidence, self-acceptance, and self-expression. We can do this by letting them pick fun, wonderful outfits that won’t just help them develop their taste in fashion but also allow them to embrace their individual, creative side.

If you’re a parent who wants to support your tween girl’s journey into self-expression through fashion, here is a selection of Hayden Girls' outfits that will inspire her self-confidence: 

Bright and Bold

Since tweens are in one of the most creative phases of their youth, they will have tons of fun picking out bright and bold clothing pieces. Bright dresses tend to convey cheerfulness and fun. For instance, this Daisy Ruffle Sleeve Mini Dress can be the perfect choice if your tween girl wants to portray her fun energy with its bright red base and daisy prints. 


For the more adventurous tween girl, some bold animal patterns will definitely catch her attention! There are tons of creative animal prints out there like this Corduroy Leopard Overall Dress. With this dress, they can have something unique to wear while feeling their most confident self! 


On the other hand, if your tween girl wants something a little more colorful, we recommend the Tie Dye Cuffed Sleeve Tee. This may look like a simple shirt, but the colorful tie-dye patterns can ensure your tween is feeling truly authentic!


Make a Statement

Some days, your tween girl might want to wear something fun and expressive. This is what statement pieces are for! Statement pieces are a little more extravagant than other apparel, but if your tween girl wants to put them on, encourage her by all means!

This Multicolor Pom Pom Sweater Top won’t just keep her warm — it can add uniqueness and elevation to her wardrobe! The multicolored pom-poms are a nice touch that can convey her fun-loving personality. This is the perfect intro to statement pieces if your tween is still learning how to express herself. Although it is fun and colorful, it is still subtle. 


On the other hand, if your tween has a more statement taste, a Shaggy Knit Coat can make any simple outfit stand out! Cozy and textured, this coat is a great way your tween can try out a piece that ventures into boho territory. If your tween girl is exploring her artistic side and wants to express this through her clothing, she’ll certainly feel right at home with this snug, unique piece! 


Of course, there are times when your tween might feel like she’s in that sparkly mood. If she’s looking for something that can make her outfit twinkle, then this Sequined Mesh Skirt With Elastic Waistband is perfect for her! Every little girl’s wardrobe needs that sparkle and shine with essential glitter and sequin accents as they learn how to express and dress themselves.


Mommy and Me! 

When your tween needs a female fashion influence, one of the best ways you can directly support her is by getting matching pieces you can both enjoy! Having mommy-and-me outfits is a great way to express support and guidance for your tween during their fashion journey. For a versatile, easygoing design, this Love Flocked T-Shirt celebrates the bond you have with your tween! You can put it on with a pair of jeans and you’re both good to go. This shirt is just one of the many Mommy + Me looks we have available on our website, so make sure to take a look at the collection. Whether you’re on the way to the grocery or are attending a school function, matching Mommy + Me outfits can make your tween feel absolutely loved! 


Have Fun With Fashion

Most parents might not realize it but fashion is an important aspect in building your tween girl’s self-confidence. If they know what they want to wear and are allowed to experiment, this can help develop their authentic sense of self, their eye for creativity, and broaden their avenue for self-expression. 

Although you may have an idea of what looks good, it’s also important that you listen to how your tween girl wants to communicate her sense of fashion. You might even have different tastes, but it’s this diversity of ideas that will help them refine their own choices over time. The goal is to help them find which clothes can let them express their most authentic self. With Hayden Girls’ selection, you’ll always have unique, quality pieces that your tween girl will love to wear anytime! 

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