Building A Colorful Closet




Color coordination, formal fits, and following fashion trends doesn't strictly apply to kids fashion. Kid’s fashion is full of having fun, expressing yourself, and the freedom to wear what you love! 

This is why you see tween's embracing colorful, mix-matched and creative outfits. 






Here at Hayden Girls, we're happy to be a step in tween fashion to help tween's embrace the fun and individuality of fashion. After all, our mission is to provide the best quality, style and fit of Tween clothing to ensure every Girl looks and feels her most confident, fun, and inspired self.




There are many benefits to your tween having a colorful closet. We highly recommend parents encourage their tween’s choice of colorful looks and favoritism of certain colors. Continue reading to discover a few reasons why embracing color can cheer your tween's wardrobe:



It Helps Them Express Themselves

Incorporating color to your tween's closet is a great way to help them express their individuality and personality. Tween fashion revolves around what they like and want to wear in comparison to following fashion trends. Whether your tween prefers tie-dye, monochrome, or neutrals, it's all about demonstrating their style and individuality. 



It Provides A Sense of Freedom

During their tween days, children are in a phase where they are trying to explore things on their own. Although colorful, mix-matched, and bold looks may not follow tradition fashion to adults, it makes sense to tweens. The ability to dress themselves and have fun creating different looks is more than just style to tweens, it's about the freedom to do so. 


It Helps Them Feel Confident

Everyone has a favorite color and people represent their favorite color in many ways. A popular way people embrace their favorite color is by including it into their wardrobe. Wearing your favorite color will enhance positive emotions like happiness, comfort, and confidence. Including color in your tween's closet is very important because it will help them feel more confident with themselves. 


It Helps Them Express Their Emotions

Different colors can signal, influence, and symbolize different emotions and traits. Here are the emotions linked to each color that can help you understand and introduce color psychology to your children:

● RED: passion, excitement, courage, strength
● ORANGE: optimistic, adventurous, fun, creative, encouragement
● YELLOW: enthusiasm, opportunity, happiness, positivity, spontaneity, bright
● GREEN: kindness, balance, growth
● BLUE: responsibility, joy, freedom, self-expression
● PINK: compassion, playful, inspiration

Hayden Girls recommends parents encourage their tweens to embrace colors in their wardrobe. No matter how fun it may be for you to style your tween, it's important to give your tween the fashion freedom as well. Whether your tween wants to wear every color in the rainbow or monochrome her favorite look, let her and watch her have fun and express herself. Take a scroll on our website or app from the Apple Store or Google Play and allow your tween to find her colorful sense of style and self-confidence! 

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