Fall Fashion Forecast

Fall is coming and we’re sure you’re eager to prepare for the new season of fashion for your tween. Take a look at our fall forecast to read up on the trends you are expected to see this fall. 

Suede is one fall staple that shouldn’t be missing from any wardrobe. As seen on runways, the material is making a huge comeback this year. The same goes for corduroy, with some apparel taking their cue from the ’70s. Of course, the traditional colors of red, brown, purple, orange, and yellow are timeless shades in every fall wardrobe. 

Our fall fashion picks will definitely help you prepare for your tween’s ultimate fall wardrobe this year. Check out this guide for our great mix of all the essential on-trend pieces for fall.


Suede is truly a fall favorite and included in every fall fashion forecast. The soft texture gives extra warmth during the colder seasons. It can be found in many different colors and textures, making it easy to match any outfit. 

The key to wearing suede in fall is to layer it with other fabrics. This creates a textured look that makes the fabric stand out. Check out these suede pieces to include in your pretty fashionista’s fall wardrobe.

Puff-Shoulder Suede Dress

This mid-length dress is made of suede woven fabric that gives it an overall cozy feel. It comes with a mock neckline for extra warmth. The puff sleeve adds a nice detail. Wear this puff-shoulder suede dress with a nice pair of cowboy boots to complete the fall fashion look.

Suede Elastic Waist Skort

This suede elastic waist skort comes in shades of olive and camel. The suede fabric easily adds texture to every fall ensemble, making it a versatile choice. The elastic waistline creates a pull-on silhouette for a comfortable fit. This can be paired with a casual tee for a simple look or a blazer for a more elegant look. Best of all it gives the look of a skirt while providing the comfort and coverage of shorts!


Corduroy is another fall fashion favorite. This durable fabric is great for the cold weather because it makes you feel cozy and keeps you warm. If you're looking to add some seasonal flair into your wardrobe, then corduroy is definitely the way to go. 

This material is perfect for all kinds of fashion pieces. No matter your tween's personal style, corduroy always looks good on anyone and will never go out of style. Here are our top corduroy fashion picks to complete every trendy girl’s closet.

Corduroy Cargo Joggers

Available in cream and olive, these corduroy cargo joggers make any fall outfit look cool. The texture of the fabric creates a distinctly chill vibe for any fall ensemble. Equipped with side pockets, these pants are a functional choice for active tweens. Pair these corduroy joggers with a complementary plaid shirt, and you’re ready for fall.

Corduroy Overall Dress

If your tween has more of a dainty style, this corduroy overall dress comes with a relaxed, feminine aesthetic. The layered stitching adds a nice contrast to the corded fabric. The dress also comes with adjustable shoulder straps for a customized fit and a front pocket for added functionality. This is best paired with a white top and white sneakers for that chill, girly vibe.


As we head into fall, we begin to notice more subdued colors around us like red, brown, orange, yellow, and green. Every fall fashion forecast is inspired by the changing color of the leaves, and many fall wardrobe staples showcase that same color scheme. Continue reading to find out what pieces in subdued shades give most fall aesthetic outfits. 

Floral Print Surplice Tunic

This floral print surplice tunic comes in a neutral taupe color accentuated by the floral design with hints of pink, green, brown, and white. The soft woven fabric is super comfortable and gives a laidback touch to any fall outfit. Pair it with a nice pair of denim jeans to complete the relaxed look.

Patch-Printed Mini Dress

Fall pieces don’t always have to be made with deep, dark colors. This patch-printed mini dress comes with a mustard, burgundy, and white color scheme and is a great way to retain that residual carefree summer spirit. The delicate print serves as a nice, subtle transition to the fall season. It is made of soft woven fabric and lined for added warmth and comfort. Wear this together with a pair of light-colored boots and you’re good to go for fall.

Complete Your Fall Wardrobe Now

If you are still looking for some fall fashion inspiration, our top picks will certainly complete your tween’s wardrobe. To best prepare for fall, check out our Welcome Fall collection. With our fall fashion forecast, you’re sure to have the perfect on-trend fall ensembles for this cozy season.

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