5 Reasons Why You Should Give Your Tween Fashion Freedom

It’s important to allow your tween to choose their own clothes and discover their sense of style. For tweens and teens, fashion is a huge factor in self-expression and self-acceptance. As your tween begins to explore the world of fashion, it’s important that you allow them that freedom and encourage them. Here are just a few reasons why fashion freedom is critical to tweens: 

1.It’s Fun to Have Choices 

By allowing your children to choose what they want to wear, you’re encouraging them to become more creative and enjoy the process. Finding their right style won’t be a quick decision and it doesn’t have to be. Allow them to try out different styles, colors, prints, and fits. Allow them to have fun while learning what they like and dislike. Whether your tween likes trendy fashion or bright and bold looks, let them have fun styling those pieces! Fashion is all about having fun and being creative.

2.They Can Express Themselves 

When making their own clothing choices, children can develop a sense of style that will let them express their individuality. Their choices will allow them to show their personality. Letting your kids make their clothing choices on their own can be a great way for them to learn, explore, and discover themselves. 

3.It Gives them Self Confidence 

Moreover, it’s important to give our kids the chance to pick out the pieces of clothing that make them look and feel happy. When children wear something that looks good and feels comfortable, they can walk anywhere with pride and confidence. Being physically comfortable in an outfit is one thing but it’s very crucial to feel mentally comfortable in an outfit too! When your tween feels good, you’ll notice the upbeat mood and personality traits. 

4.It Develops Decision-Making Skills

Being able to make decisions is a skill that needs to be learned even as a child because they will be able to continue developing it and carry it with them as they mature into adults. It also gives them a sense of satisfaction knowing they were able to do something on their own and provides them with a taste of independence. A form of freedom you can give your tween without risks is fashion freedom! Whether they want to dress up or down, allow them to dress themselves.

5.They’ll Actually Wear Their Clothes

As parents, it can be quite frustrating to buy things for our kids that they never use or wear. When you let your kids choose and purchase their clothes, you’re giving them a sense of ownership where they can be proud of their choice. It develops a healthy “this is mine” mentality, and they will want to wear it more because of what the clothes symbolize — something that they can call “theirs.” If they choose the clothing, odds are they like it and will wear it!

Hayden Girls is Here to Help!

We’re more than happy to help and support you and your tween during this time of fashion freedom. Our clothes come in a wide range of unique designs, from casual to boho, and everything else in between. Take a scroll on our website or app from the Apple Store or Google Play and allow your tween to find her sense of style and self-confidence! After all, Hayden Girls exists to help tween girls look and feel their most confident, fun, and inspired selves.

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