Back to School Shopping List

Avoid getting caught in the last minute back to school shopping rush! You can plan ahead and shop early with this guide. Below is the list of back to school styles that your tween girl will need this upcoming school year.

Back To School Clothing

Entering a new grade, class, or school can be nerve-wracking, especially for tween girls. That’s why we encourage parents to make sure to provide their children with the right back to school clothing. Your children need to express themselves, so they can feel their most confident self. The best way to make them feel confident is to shop for clothing that they like. A fun shopping experience will get them on the best track for back to school. 

Here are some general back to school clothing that your tween will need:


Best back to school styles are dresses! They’re easy to style, wear and love! Let your tween wear a dress that she loves to boost her confidence.


Another effortless style is jumpers! They are the perfect one-and-done addition to any tween’s wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for short sleeve, long sleeve, pants, or shorts, we have a huge range of jumpers to select from.


If you want to make sure your daughter is comfortable and feeling her best, have her choose a few cute, classic t-shirts that she likes.


Another type of clothing that most girls love to wear is skirts. If your tween wants to have a fun and flowy look, buy them some stylish skirts that can make them feel confident and comfortable.


Can’t go wrong with the classic pants! Whether they’re joggers, denim, or leggings, your tween needs a pair of new pants to keep her warm during the school year.


Another warming must-have is layers! Your tween needs a new outerwear this school year. For the early school mornings, blasting AC, or winter days, she’ll be thankful for a cozy coat. 

Shop With Us

Hayden Girls has all the cute clothing that your tweens will surely love! If you want to see more of the clothing we offer, check out our website. Classics, staples, statement pieces, and anything your student needs to start their school with the right amount of confidence, can be found here. What are you waiting for? Shop with us at Hayden Girls now!

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