Girl Code

One thing Hayden Girls proudly celebrates is female influences. Inspired by the birth of her Granddaughter Hayden, Hayden Girls is a Girls’ Tween brand motivated by the desire to provide the best quality, style and fit of Tween clothing to ensure every Girl looks and feels her most confident and fun self. Regardless of how old your daughter gets, she should always know the importance of celebrating female influence and confidence. 

Hayden Girl of the Month 

A big way Hayden Girls likes to celebrate and bring a spotlight to female influence is through our Hayden Girls of the Month campaign. Every month we spotlight a customer and mention her hobbies, goals, personality traits, and more! We like to encourage our customers to be their unique selves and showcase those differences. Make sure to subscribe to our mailing list in order to receive our Hayden Girl of the month emails! 

Setting An Example

As mothers, we set a good example for our daughters by showing them that we’re there for others when they need us. Whether its emotionally, mentally, or physically, the best way to set an example is by encouragement. One way Hayden Girls likes to encourage setting an example is with our Mommy and Me collection. Wearing matching Mommy and Me provides support, encouragement, and memories. It's a simple yet effective way to set an example to your tween. 

Teach Your Tween How To Spread Kindness 

Tweens can spread kindness by helping others. By doing these things, she will not only make someone else’s day a little brighter, but she will also be setting an example for others to follow. In fact, acts of service often have a ripple effect, and as our tweens help others, they will be more likely to “pay it forward” by performing acts of kindness themselves. In this way, our daughters can help create a kinder world for everyone.

Creating Confidence

Help your daughter navigate the path to confidence by letting her express herself. Whether she wants to dress herself, style her hair a certain way, engage in certain activates, encourage her. What makes your tween strive, is where confidence will follow!

Here at Hayden Girls, we desire to provide the best quality, style and fit of Tween clothing to ensure every Girl looks and feels her most confident, fun, and inspired self.


By sharing stories of positivity and setting good example, we can help shape the foundation for their future successes. And what better way to do this than by dressing them in clothes that make them feel confident and fabulous? At Hayden Girls, we believe in girl power, and we want every girl to know it. Visit our website to shop our latest collection of tween clothing designed to inspire confidence and fun!

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